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Natalie Williams-McMahon, BA, MAT, EDD


Natalie W. McMahon, EDD is a Chicago Native raised in the Cabrini Green Housing Projects. Her educational and social service career begin at Lincoln Park H.S, where she graduated in 1996.  Dr. McMahon attended Columbia College Chicago, where she earned a both a BA in Liberal Arts (2001) and a Masters at Teaching (2007). As an Illinois certified teacher, Dr. McMahon created and became president of The Can & Will Help Foundation in 2014; she wanted to give back to those is need educationally and charitably, which led her to earn a Doctorate Degree in Education and Leadership (University of Phoenix).  Ultimately, her goal is to lead by example and show inner city youth and adults that no matter where you come from, hard work and determination lead to leadership and success.

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Renee Miller-Barton


Renee Miller-Barton is a Chicago Native and has worked in finance and tax preparation for over 15 years. As Chief Financial Officer of The Can & Will Help Foundation, her role is to organize, prioritize, and advise in regards to funding. Mrs. Barton managed a district of H & R Block facilities, where she also was head instructor of tax preparation courses.  She has volunteered her expertise and services to the Can & Will Help Foundation and other Non for Profit organizations. Mrs. Barton believes in servicing and helping those in need in urban communities. 


Jamal J. Williams


Jamal J. Williams has spent his life in the service of youth and families. In the wake of 9/11 Mr. Williams answered the “call to duty,” and along with thousands of others joined the United States Marine Corps, serving in Japan, El Salvador, Bahrain and Israel. While overseas and off duty Mr. Williams worked with orphanages, and homeless shelters to bring much needed aid and assistance. Upon return from active duty, Mr. Williams went to work again on the behalf of youth and families, working as an investigative assistant with the Inspector General’s Office DCFS. This position allowed Mr. Williams to assist in rooting out corruption and negligence in the Department of Children and Family Services. 

Glynnus Alexander


Glynnus Alexander, a native of the west side of Chicago, started her entrepreneurship as a teen, graduating from Lincoln Park High School in 1996.As a nail technician, she created and established Polished Nail Boutique & Academy in 2014. While earning her education, she worked with teens in social services and collects donations to help the homeless. Earning a BA in Business and continuing her Masters in Adult Education at American Intercontinental University, as a license nail technician and certified instructor, Ms. Alexander thrives to help young adults obtain and practice skills that allows them the opportunities to be business creators and owners. 

Latrell McMahon


Latrell McMahon was born and raised in the City of Chicago, earned certificate as a construction site forklift operator in 2009, after going to Rezin Orr Academy High School. Mr. McMahon’s experiences of tough choices and hardships as an urban teen, led him to want to give back to those who needed second chances for education, job training, and the musical arts. As an entrepreneur, Mr. McMahon created and founded Trello World Entertainment, a Music Label that manages urban youth in hip hop music vocal recording. As he works alongside others, he also directs youth to volunteer to help Non-for-Profit organizations that helps with education, job training, and helping the homeless. He guides his artist and other youth by example of showing leadership, responsibility, and hard work. 

Kimyona Roberts, MSPH, MD
Pasha Judah


Pasha Judah, a native Chicagoan and graduate from Lincoln Park High School (1996) received her Bachelors of Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (2001) where she studied Industrial Engineering.  After college, Pasha continued working as a therapist for individuals with traumatic brain injuries until 2005, in which she then began her career in Construction Management and Consultation. Pasha has been a part of many Transportation and Facilities construction and renovation projects across the City of Chicago and surrounding areas.  She is an ASQ certified Quality Auditor, as well as an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality.  Pasha is currently working to establish P.L. Holdings Company and prepare the launch of companies within the food retail, general merchandise and distribution, as well as research consultation and publishing arenas.  


Kimyona Roberts' graduated from LPHS in 1996. She received her BA in Biology and English from Fisk University (2000), Public Health Degree from Meharry Medical College (2003). She worked for the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Under-served for 3  years as Senior Editorial Assistant before entering medical school. She received her MD from Meharry Medical College and graduated with honors, as well as being inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. She completed her Anesthesiology Residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. During her work as an independent contractor, she started Transcendent Health Services. She currently works as an Anesthesiologist for Southern Arizona Anesthesia in Tucson, AZ.

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