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In Tutoring, Social Emotional Learning(SEL), Mentorship & Coaching, and Professional Development


Social Emotional

These services will give students the opportunity to gain

  • Supplemental learning in subject areas needed for Reading/Writing, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (depends on the needs of students).

  • Follow a rubric of study guides and tips

  • Track their study data for teacher and class use

  • Demonstrates a range of communication and social skills to interact effectively.

  • Identifies and demonstrates approaches to addressing interpersonal conflict.

  • Demonstrates an awareness and self-awareness for understanding emotions, personal rights, and responsibilities.

  • Demonstrates awareness and respect of groups and their cultures, languages, identities, traditions, histories, and values.

  • Applies and evaluates decision-making skills to engage in a variety of solutions.

In this Program.....

Students will be able to learn from guidance and take steps toward lucrative business goals preparing them for their futures in the workforce; as leaders, business, owners, and management, creating jobs for society. In addition, students will gain the opportunity to experience, examine, gain skills, and be creative, therefore performing at their best as future leaders. Essentially, by guiding students to have a business mindset, they are more capable of making relevant and lucrative decisions in their overall high school-adult experience.

Business Consultation
Similing Team


Teachers and Staff can earn Professional Development hours (ISBE) for alignment with Social Emotional Leaning (SEL) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for self, teams, and classroom implementation.


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